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Bridge Manager Features
Bridge Manager's many features include:

  • Quickly create new deals and edit existing deals
  • Edit deal name, description, commentary, hands, bidding and play
  • View all deal information (text, hands, bidding, play, etc.) together on one screen
  • Scroll saved deals while information is displayed
  • Make new variations on any saved deal 
  • Add/remove/replace quick deal description notes, such as date played
  • Add note marks to deals referencing one of 26-user defined notes
  • Manually mark deals as played or not played
  • Swap or rotate hands between players, and "rotate" saved bidding and play to match
  • Swap cards between two suits in all hands
  • Copy Bridge Baron's Challenges and ACBL Tournaments to standard PPL deal files
  • Rename deals (and edit deal text)
  • Edit bidding and play without erasing the existing bidding and play
  • Reference bidding footnotes in the bidding list
  • Add/edit/delete bidding footnotes by clicking on a bid or footnote
  • Create multiple bidding notes viewable during auction, in addition to footnotes
  • Quickly create multiple random deals from one dialog box
  • View all four hands when entering/editing each hand
  • See if more than one hand will be randomly dealt
  • Select the order of player columns in bidding and play lists
  • Shift bids clockwise/counter-clockwise for new declarer
  • Create simple bidding for use with Baron's autobid feature
  • Automatically trim blank spaces/lines from deal text
  • Organize Baron's ACBL Instant Matchpoints data into two or four columns
  • Select fonts for deal text
  • Erase deal information (such as bidding and play) from multiple deals
  • Undo/Redo deal changes
  • Play hands as saved with easy scrolling forward and back
  • Optionally play a hand other than South's when sending a deal into Bridge Baron (except Baron 9)
  • Create multiple custom play notes viewable during cardplay
  • Optionally play any card from any hand
  • Animate card play and choose pauses between plays and tricks
  • Play from any player's position at any time
  • Swap cards between players during cardplay
  • Automatically mark deals as played
  • Optionally exclude played (or unplayed) deals when selecting to play a random deal
  • Optionally select which deal notes to consider when selecting to play a random dealView play list when entering/editing play
  • Show play as Rank-Suit or Suit-Rank
  • Hide deal information
  • Optionally not allow "equals" for saved play

Copying/Moving Deals

  • Arrange deals in any order or sort them alphanumerically
  • Copy or move deals to other "Personal Play Library" files
  • Quickly combine several deal files into one file
  • Copy deals and create different versions of the same deal


  • Find/replace text in names, descriptions and commentaries
  • Search deals by category such as contract, declarer or hand
  • Check for duplicate deal names or descriptions
  • Search system for files


  • Print more than one deal at a time or an entire library file
  • Print lists of deal names and descriptions
  • Print all deal information, including text, to fit on one page
  • Print deal information without retrieving and playing a deal
  • Print bridge terms and cards in customizable languages


  • Import PBN deals from PBN files or the Windows clipboard
  • Import full bidding and play from PBN deals, not just contract and hands
  • Export deals to PBN format files or the Windows clipboard
  • Customize PBN tag values for import or export
  • Add specific tag values to all exported deals
  • Simultaneously add common tags to multiple deals at once
  • Print customizable deal information to a text file, or the Windows clipboard
  • Import text from a word processor to use as deal text
  • Export deal information to a mail merge data file
  • Use included mail merge document templates


  • Copy, move, rename, backup, delete and restore library files
  • Create, rename or delete folders
  • Link to supplemental document files or webpages
  • Convert library files from PPL for DOS to PPL for Windows formats
  • Convert library files from non-standard formats
  • Use more than one library file with early versions of Bridge Baron


  • Send selected deals directly into Bridge Baron for Windows
  • Create bookmarks to retrieve deals from any library file
  • Go to deals directly by number
  • Easily switch between Bridge Baron and Manager
  • Automatically start Baron for Windows after starting Manager
  • Open library files from a quick list of last-used files
  • Access commonly used features from a tool bar
  • Get context-sensitive help from within dialog boxes
  • 54 learning deals for practicing bridge strategies
  • Additional free bonus deals for registering
  • Thousands of Archive deals included and available for free download
  • Free downloadable updates for registering

For more information contact support@thebridgemanager.com
Bridge Manager Copyright © 2010 by Brian Pratt.  All rights reserved.
Bridge Baron is a trademark of Great Game Products.
Windows is a trademark of Microsoft Corporation.